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1994 Haro

Maybe you've heard of Haro Bicycles. If not check it out. This kid Bob Haro started it back in 1978 'cause normal bike companies weren't building the dope gear he and his friends needed for hardcore BMX racing, jumping and riding called freestyle. Normal equipment just didn't hang. It bent. It broke. It held them back. So out of necessity Bob Haro created bikes and gear designed by riders for riders and Haro Bicycles was born. Since then, the best riders in the world have come to rely on Haro products and have won nearly every possible BMX and freestyle title in the process. Bob Haro was even inducted into the prestigious BMX Hall of Fame for his contributions to the sport. Not your ordinary bike company founder. And not your ordinary bike company. In the fifteen years we've been around we've learned a lot. And we apply that experience to every product we offer. Accept no substitutes. Since 1979 BMX and freestyle legends have chosen Haro. For 1994 the choice is yours...

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