1985 Haro

Parts and Accessories

1985 haro parts-accessories BMX Catalogue

The 1985 Haro BMX Catalogue features a stack of bmx parts and BMX race accessories.

The 1985 Haro Master frame is the original frame for serious freestyle with twin top-tube construction that is proven best for any tricks. Redesigned drop-outs that incorporate the rear chain stays with the drop-outs to make a perfect platform for all of your tricks. Brazed on cable guides keep your brake cables out of the way. The new Haro fork is made of tapered tubing for strength and durability, along with removable foot pegs and brazed on cable guides on the backside of the fork. Both frame & fork are 100% 4130 chromoly. Framesets available in neon green, white and chrome.

The 1985 Haro Sport frame is one-inch longer and has a slightly more kicked out head angle than the Master, making it an excellent all-around freestyle frame. The seat stays are extended forward to meet the top-tube, making a platform for standing. The rear chainstays have been angled out and knurled to meet the redesigned drop-out, making an ideal platform for any trick. The new Haro farks include a set of removable foot pegs, and are made with tapered tubing for strength and durability. Both the frame and fork have braized-on cable guides. The Sport frameset is 100% 4130 chromoly. Available in neon blue, white, and chrome.

The 1985 Haro FST incorporates everything from freestyle to racing. It uses the extended seat stays that join the top-tube to make a standing area for tricks, yet the bike is still light enough for racing, and has a geometry for the track. So whether you freestyle or race, the FST has you covered.

The 1985 Haro Master and Sport forks utilize tapered tubing for increased strength and include chrome plated platforms that can be attached or removed simply, The Master, Sport and FST forks are all constructed of 4130 chromoly.

The exclusive Haro handlebar that comes on the Master and Sport complete bike is now available separately. Haro handlebars are all 4130 chromoly with a dropped 1” diameter knurled crossbar for the innovative freestyler. Colors are neon green, neon blue, white and chrome.

The new FS-175 and FS-200 tires by Har are designed for Freestyle and Street riding. Made by National Tire of Japan, this tire features a unidirectional tread pattern and ultra-light construction. The aggressive block pattern and centre ridge design provide optimum traction and reduced rolling resistance. You won't find our name in the tread pattern because we're serious about performance. Available in black, white, green and blue.

Brand new Haro aluminium axle extenders are the latest in Freestyle hardware. Available for either 24 TPI or 26 TPl axles. Colors are blue, black and silver.

The most technologically advanced and comfortable gloves on the market today are the new Tech Series Gloves made for Haro in Finland. These gloves are constructed with a molded foam back that is laminated with an outer lycra skin. The gloves feature man made leather palms and spandex material between fingers for amazing comfort. Sizes are small, medium and large. Colors are blue with white chevrons, black with white chevrons, red with white chevrons and grey with blue chevrons.

The standard in BMX gloves. These gloves are deigned with light palm sodding to minimise bunching on handle grip and to reduce fatigue. Reinforced double stitching in critical areas and flexible padding are used to protect the lingers and outside of the hand. Hare's unique spandex cull and ventilated spandex material between the fingers trap perspiration in and allow air flow to cool hands naturally. Gloves come in several color combinations: Red, white and blue, blue and white, black and white, blue and yellow, red black and while, sizes xs, s, m, and large.

Haro takes the cotton gloves a step lather, 100% cotton makes this glove a sure fit. The exclusive Haro lateral line palm pattern provides excellent traction on the grips under any weather condition. Computer like graphics are on the surface of the glove with the word Haro and our chevron logo. Gloves are available in red, blue, black, white and yellow. Sizes Small and Large.

The new lech Series Knee Guard utilises two plastic cops and a unique malded loam exterior padding. The knee cap is replaceable (extra pair included and features a dual density foam laminate bonded to the inside of the cap. There's also a removable inner pad that's molded to conform to your knee and both velcro straps and and plastic back to hold it on. As protective equipment designed to withstand the demands of reentry and umpact.

Introducing the new Tech Series Elbow Guard, made for Haro in Finland. This new design features ultralight molded padding for more protection. Elastic straps and velcro fasteners are used to prevent the pads from siding doing impact. Available in sizes small and large, colors red, blue, black and grey.

These super light safety pads are made of tough nylon pack cloth stuffed with lightweight loam and fastened with stitched-in Velcro® closures. These stylish stem, V-Bar, 9-inch crossbar, 12-inch frame, jumbo frame and 2-bar twin pad are available in solid colors; blue, black, red and white, with the chevron logo silk screened on them.

Over a year in the making. The current state of the art in numberplate design. A three piece plate system that lets you choose between a white solid panel or a vented grid panel. The solid panel is approved for all race sanctioning bodies. Both panels attach with Velcro fasteners and the frame clips onto the molded snaps on the back of each panel. The frame's flexible straps wrap around the crossbar and reattach to the back of the panel with four removable clips. The same clips are also used to attach molded Haro Tech numbers to either panel.

One of the best selling and best looking number plates, the Flo Panel just got belter. We changed the colors to ultra-bright neon green, blue, red and yellow. Also in white and black.

Ready to race with Velcro fasteners, locating holes for the Haro Tech number system and vented lower panel approved by all sanctioning bodies. Six team color combinations with white centre panel are available.

ABA and NBL approved, highly visible adhesive stadium numbers are available in Black with white trim or White with black trim. Tech numbers constructed of plastic are available in black with white trim and come with bullet clips for fastening to plate.

Peak or bubble. Bold Haro graphics and quality construction. Introducing the new Haro Aero Visor. This unique design allows air to flow through the visor, creating less wind resistance and a hot new look Available in five calor combinations.

A mouthguard designed for BMX riders exclusively. Futuristic styling with multiple slots for ventilation and filter foam backing to keep out dust. Tough fiber reinforced straps hold it on and suspend the protective frame away from your face. Five colors with contrasting foam and hot stamp.

We'll update photos with higher quality as we get them.