BMX Catalogue
1996 GT

Dirt, kids, and a bunch of steel pipe. This was the beginning of bicycle motocross over twenty years ago, on BMX tracks scattered throughout Southern California. By today's standards, the scene was pretty crude: high-rise bikes, banana seats and motorcycle handlebars. Back then, the kids still had to worry about keeping their 'goosenecks' from slipping. Of course, this was all before Gary Turner got into the game. The first bike that he built didn't go directly to a shop to be sold, but instead he gave it to his son to race; Gary wanted him to have the most awesome machine available. After word about these killer new bikes got out, Gary found himself supplying them to a number of local hot racers. These racers, in turn, told their friends and pretty soon GT bikes began to show up all over the country. Before he knew it, Team GT was born and it changed the course of BMX history. Now in 1996, the tracks have changed and the number of riders has grown steadily and GT continues to field elite riders year in and year out. Numerous World Championships and 13 consecutive National Number One team victories later, you still see Gary's bikes at the track, doing what they do best: Winning races.