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1986 Redline

Way back in 1974, when BMX was very young and quite a few of you werent even born!). Red Line Engineering was in business to custom build exotic racing frames for motorcycles. Linn Kastan (now president of Red Line had grown tired of replacing bent and broken forks on his sons bicycles, so he designed and fabricated a set of tubular chromoly forks. That year Red Line took its first stop into the world of BMX, and has had a tremendous influence on it ever since.

Red Line's forks were a great success. Shortly after the introduction of the forks came the first Red Line BMX frames. Then the first, reliable chromoly BMX handlebars. In the years that followed Red Line created the first double clamp stem and the orginal forged aluminum chromoly stem.

As the year 1978 rolled around Red Line was solidly into BMX, with the production of bicycles & related components its only business. In 1980, after three solid years of testing, Red Line introduced another BMX innovation. Tubular chromaly cranks. To this day, after many have tried to imitate, no manufacturer has rivaled the quality and performance of Red line "Flights".

Has the pace slowed in recent years? Hardly! '83 brought in the Pl-20, Red Line's firast freestyler. '84 saw the birth of the Forklifter system 85 introduced the incredible PL-20 II freestyler.

For over 10 years, Red Line has been engineering the best quality, most functional and solidly innovative equinment in BMX, and their commitment to providing you with the hest equipment available is as strong as ever.

And the legend continues.

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