BMX Catalogue
1997 Redline

It all started back in 1974. Redline was in the business of building customized racing frames for motorcycles. In order to combat the tons of bent and broken forks on kids bicycles, Redline fabricated a set of chromoly forks. That year Redline took it's first step into BMX and has had a tremendous influence on it ever since. The forks were a complete success. In the years that followed, Redline focused it's efforts on creating innovative products that would set the standard in the industry. Reliable chromoly cranks. Double-clamping stems. Tubular chromoly cranks. The list goes on & on.. For over 23 years, Redline has been manufacturing the most innovative, functional equipment in BMX. 1997 is no exception. We have revamped our entire line of bikes as well as introduced many new components. All have been constructed with race proven geometry for performance and durability. Our commitment to providing you with the best equipment available is as strong as ever. It all starts with a Redline.

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