BMX Catalogue
1991 Mongoose

Mongoose built the world's first race-ready BMX machine in 1975. Getting out of the gate any faster? Probably not. Sure, corporate history makes great catalog copy, but it won't help you win any races. In 17 seasons of global competition, Mongoose riders have amassed over 30 national and world championships. Feeling better over those doubles? Never. Most racing titles aren't worth the plastic trophy they give you for winning them. The point is, NMX isn't about deep roots and record books - it's about fun. Let the other guys make history; Mongoose will always make great bikes. Bikes designed and tested by the finest pro riders and engineers in the U.S. Bikes built with the best components from around the world. Bikes that set the New Standard in performance and quality. Anything else is pointless. Three-time pro freestyle champ Dennis McCoy played a big part in the development of the radical new Hooligan street/freestyle machine. Like every Mongoose performance bicycle, the Solution Pro that King of Dirt Fuzzy Hall flies on is covered by our exclusive Limited Lifetime Warranty.

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