BMX Catalogue
1992 Hoffman Bikes

In 1991 Mat Hoffman needed a bike he could trust with his life… That’s when Hoffman Bikes and the Condor Frame were born. The bikes were launched to the world in 1992 as a Breath of Fresh Air. And didn't they get some. The 1992 Hoffman Bikes Team consisted of 5 riders. Of course, the top of the list included the founder himself, Matt Hoffman. Long-time friend, co-founder and the number 1 King of vert amateur ramp rider, Rick Thorne was on the team. As was the number 3 amateur ramp rider, Steve Swope. Dave Psycho Halford was the team's all round, street thrash tester and resident mad man. And there was one more. A young, new pro rider, billed as the cold-lamp'n-ist, bust-a-move'n-ist. Dave Mirra. For 1992, the range of bikes, was just one. The Hoffman Bikes Condor in frame set or complete.

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