BMX Catalogue
1988 Diamond Back

BMX means "Bicycle Moto Cross." You need a bike that is tough enough to perform in a sport like this. And to rise to the top, you'll need a bike that vou can trust day in and day out. Something strong, something light - a Diamond Back. All of our Diamond Back BMX bikes have been designed to compete on a weekly basis. You may not compete every week; you may not compete at all. But knowing you have a bike designed around being in the winner's circle, week in and week out, by Diamond Back's factory racing team, gives you confidence enough to tackle whatever your choice of terrain is, dirt or pavement. Diamond Back believes in offering a bike for every type of rider and meeting their every need by offering a wide range of BMX machines from the Viper coaster brake to the ultimate in race technology, the Reactor. With Diamond Back, whatever your needs. DB succeeds!

Freestyle BMX. Three years ago, Diamond Back was just getting started. Now our competition is wishing we would stop. For eight years, Diamond Back has led the way in BMX. Using the same formula, dedication, hard work, and talented riders to draw from. The result is a line of quality bikes for you to choose from. Starting with the Striker, Hot Streak, and Mike Dominguez and Woody Itson Strike Zone BMX, these bikes are built to take what you have, and make it better.